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Insurance & Billing

Our ABA services are in-network with Aetna, BCBS, and UHC (pending).

We do offer private pay rates if we are not in-network with your insurance carrier. Please call for rates.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is your attendance and cancellation policy?

Consistency of attendance is very important to the process of therapy. In the event a session needs to be canceled, clients should notify their direct staff (aba therapist and BCBA) of the cancellation within 24 hours of the start of services for anything other than emergency or illness. Cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice or a $50 cancellation fee will be incurred.  Insurance cannot be billed for this fee.  Advanced notice allows us the ability to offer appointments to another client, as well as show courtesy toward the therapist. Cancellations for a client illness must be made by 9:00 am the day of their appointment.  Any call outs for illness made after 9:00 am will be charged a cancellation fee.

What happens if we miss a scheduled session?

Makeup sessions will be offered for all missed sessions. 

How will I be billed for services?

Any patient responsibility is due at the time of service. The office will verify your ABA therapy coverage through insurance prior to services. However, we recommend that you also verify your benefits with your insurance provider. Any outstanding balance not paid by insurance is the patient's responsibility. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Where will services be provided?

ABA Therapy is offere in client's homes (Mercer, Middles, Monmouth counties), in our therapy centers (Morganville, Monroe, Princeton), at private daycares, and/or in the community (e.g., grocery store, library, etc.).

Is an evaluation required prior to services beginning?

Yes, all clients will need to have an initial assessment conducted by one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Most private insurance companies require pre-authorization for ABA services. 

Do I need a referral? Where do I send a referral?

Yes. Most insurance companies require proof of medical necessity (Autism diagnosis) in order for ABA therapy to be a covered benefit under your primary health insurance plan. A script for ABA therapy or diagnosis paperwork from a medical professional is needed to prove medical necessity and obtain pre-authorization for an initial assessment.

Can I drop my child off and come back when the session is over?

Yes, parents are not required to stay at the center during their child's ABA sessions unless. Parents might be asked to stay in the building in the event that there are no other employees in the building at the time of your child's service. For in-home visits, someone over the age of 18 must be present at all times during ABA sessions. 

What are the benefits of in-home ABA therapy?

Having sessions in various locations (center and in-home) allows the child to generalize skills in various locations and with a variety of people and materials.

Can we continue therapy after our insurance benefits run out?

Yes, we do offer private pay rates for ABA therapy if we are not in-network with your insurance carrier. See rates below:

How long will my child need ABA therapy?

Each client receives services on an individualized basis, meaning that the amount of therapy needed for your child depends on the recommendations made by the BCBA.

How do I know if my child needs ABA therapy?

If your child is experiencing behaviors that are interfering with their daily life, ability to learn, delays in speech/communication, and/or delays in social skills, your child may benefit from ABA. 

Will you collaborate with my child's other therapists?

The Speech Tree uses a collaborative, inter-disciplinary approach. Each center offers Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy services. If your child receives these services elsewhere, your BCBA will work to ensure there is consistency across all programs and therapies. 

How often do we come to therapy?

Each ABA therapy program is individualized. This is determined by the BCBA. 

Do you offer ABA via teletherapy? What are the benefits of online ABA therapy?

Teletherapy is the online delivery of speech, occupational, and ABA therapy services via high-resolution, live video conferencing. 

Teletherapy sessions are very similar to traditional therapy sessions with one major exception. Instead of sitting in the same room, children and therapists interact via live video conferencing.


During therapy sessions, the child and therapist can see, hear, and interact with one another in real-time, using webcams, headsets, and a live, synchronous online learning environment.


If you’ve ever used Skype on your computer or FaceTime on your iPhone, you’ve used a similar type of technology. The actual therapy is the same as the therapist would deliver face-to-face; only teletherapy is done with a computer.


Licensed therapists use traditional therapy techniques and activities and enhance those techniques through innovative software and tools. They have the technology literally at their fingertips to plan and deliver high-quality services.

Who will my child be working with?

Your child will be evaluated and supervised by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). These individuals receive this license after earning a master's degree or PhD in psychology or behavior analysis, completing extensive fieldwork, and passing a rigorous national certification exam. The BCBA will create an individualized plan for your child and train the therapist on how to follow the program to ensure skills are taught in a consistent manner.

The therapist or Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will conduct each session with your child to facilitate the development of new skills and behaviors. The BCBA will conduct ongoing supervision of the therapist to ensure continued growth and progress.

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