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First Steps After Receiving an Autism Diagnosis

"My child just received an autism diagnosis" is a common phrase we hear from the families we work with.


Receiving an autism diagnosis for your child can evoke a complex range of emotions for parents. Initially, there may be a sense of shock and a flood of questions about what this means for their child's future. Anxiety and fear about the challenges their child may face and uncertainties about how to navigate the journey ahead may follow. We are here to assist you during this time.

After receiving a diagnosis: 

After receiving an autism diagnosis for your child, you can give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have and set up a time that works within your schedule for an evaluation. 

Finding A Therapist: 

Selecting the right therapist is crucial for your child as their expertise and approach significantly impact the effectiveness and tailored support needed for your child's unique needs and development. Here at The Speech Tree, we are proud to say we are more than a business. We care for each and every child like they are our own! We encourage parents to ask us questions and learn about who we are before selecting us as your provider, feel free to contact our Founder by calling our front desk. Our passionate team is excited to meet your little one.

What occurs during an evaluation?

An ABA evaluation involves analyzing the child's medical records, developmental milestones, and  evaluate the child's behaviors through assessments. 

Next Steps:

Our therapists will develop a treatment plan based on the child's behaviors. A treatment plan is a 

What does our ABA program involve?

Effective ABA programs tailored for individuals with autism recognize that there is no universal approach. ABA should not be perceived as a standardized series of exercises but rather as a customized plan designed to address the specific requirements of each learner.

The objective of any ABA program is to assist each individual in developing skills that promote both short-term independence and long-term.s


A BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst) designs and oversees a personalized ABA program for each child assessing skills and preferences to create specific treatment goals, including communication, social skills, self-care, play, motor skills, and academics. The program breaks down these goals into small, sequential steps, analyzed and modified regularly through data collection. Family involvement is very important to us, therefore regular meetings with family and staff ensure ongoing progress review and adjustments to teaching plans and goals. 

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